Are you living the life you always wanted or dreamed of?  How do you know your organisation and your staff are achieving full potential either corporately or individually?  True Potential will enable you and your staff to achieve your and their true potential.

True Potential can do this through:
~Life coaching
~Team Coaching
~Employee Training

Coaching helps you to identify and work towards achieving your personal or business goals or aspirations, it is about putting you/your team in the driving seat of your own life or business. Coaching is about listening to what is going on for you or your team and helping to make sense of it. It is about identifying what you want, what you need to do to achieve your goal and exploring issues that are stopping you and discussing how you can move past and through these issues. It is about setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time related goals. Coaching is about looking to the future and is solution focused.  Coaching is always about what you want and is driven by you.

Life coaching can help you:
~Make decisions and take action
~Achieve ambitions no matter what your age, gender, or where you come from
~Believe in yourself
~Change your job, change your career, start a new business
~Reduce stress
~Move on from being ‘stuck’ and getting a handle on your life again
~Have more balance in your life
~Build confidence
~Untangle your life and rebuild a positive life
~Look at new directions in your life
~Take control of your life and future
~It is about achieving your true potential and enjoying the journey of life

Team coaching can help you:
~Identify the purpose of your team
~Understand the roles within your team and how to carry them out
~Decide on what type of leadership your team needs
~Identify and agree on how you will communicate within the team
~Identify sources of conflict and how you will handle this conflict
~Decide on what training and development your team needs
~Create an environment of caring, support and cooperation
~Give your colleagues feedback that will help address their areas for improvement
~Have a balanced team who work well together

Employee training enables employees to:
~Gain new knowledge and skills
~Prepare for their role
~Help cope with and embrace change
~Improve job satisfaction and morale
~Increase motivation
~Have better job performance and thus better corporate performance
~Increase effectiveness and efficiency
~Reduce absenteeism
~Improve initiative and innovation

About Us

True Potential was established by Nuala Doherty. Nuala comes from a background in Mental Health, having first of all worked as a practitioner. She then gained a wealth of experience in management at both middle and senior levels. Nuala also spent a significant part of her career in management development and training which included personal and team development.

As she progressed in life she was always interested in the development of people and teams, their independence, motivation and their opportunity to reach their potential. 

Throughout Nuala’s career and particularly in her role as Chair of Derry Well Woman, where the emphasis is on wellness, she came to realise the importance of coaching for women and men who are well, to enable them to lead the life they want.   

~Registered Mental Nurse
~Cert in Community Psychiatric Nursing
~Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
~Certificate in Training and Development
~Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (with commendation)
~Masters in Business Administration
~Business Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
~Diploma in Life and Business Coaching.


Services Areas covered
1 to 1 Life and Business Coaching
Team Coaching
Team Working/Building
Team Facilitation

Personal Effectiveness/Assertiveness
Handling Conflict
Presentation Skills
Time Management
Change Management
Stress Management
Telephone Skills
Anti Discriminatory Practice
Listening and Assisting
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Mode of Delivery
As well as providing the above range of services, True Potential can also develop programmes based on client need as identified through a diagnostic process.  

Contact Us

True Potential
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Tel:028 7126 2589
Mobile:077 5368 2822

*Appointments strictly by prior arrangement